Kunst - Our Struggle: Responding to Mein Kampf

Onlangs las ik een interessant artikel van Daniel Arizona over hoe een controversieel boek als "Mein Kampf" van Adolf Hitler door de Francaise "Linda Ellia" in samenwerking met vele anderen tot een boeiend kunstwerk is getransformeerd.
Lees hieronder het begin van het artikel en klik "lees meer" als je het gehele artikel wilt lezen:
When confronted with the crimes of a mass murderer, such as Adolf Hitler, detachment from reality is inevitable. We feel moral outrage when we hear that someone has killed someone else, but large scale slaughter is impossible to process. We lose our bearings. Wiping out millions of lives is simply incomprehensible. How does one begin to consider that much suffering?

The name Hitler, like that of Jesus Christ, has come to represent an absolute, well beyond the realm of humanity. Hitler and most of his followers are long dead, but "Mein Kampf" (“My Struggle”), his paranoid polemic about Germany’s racial supremacy and "the Jewish peril", lives on.
In 2005 Linda Ellia, a French painter and photographer, was understandably surprised when her young daughter brought home a copy of "Mein Kampf" from a friend’s house. Holding the Nazi diatribe in her hands, she felt uneasy. She realised she needed to deface it, to somehow make it her own. So Ellia covered a few pages with paintings and drawings, colonising Hitler’s provocative, hateful language and turning it into an interesting sort of art.
The effect was therapeutic, even cathartic, inspiring Ellia to share the experience with others. She began distributing pages of “Mein Kampf” to friends and strangers, professionals and amateurs, artists, writers, grown-ups and children, inviting all of them to change them into whatever way they saw fit. There were no rules, except that they return the altered pages to her. The results were so interesting, so moving, that she ended up including hundreds of people. 
Lees verder en bekijk het interessant resultaat van enkele van de bewerkte pagina's !!
Het artikel is geschreven door Daniel Arizona en gepubliseerd op www.moreintelligentlife.com . Het werk van Linda Ellia is zelfs tentoongesteld in het Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco

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