Complete Guide for Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Migrate

 Hi, I post this in English so you can all benefit from this.

I worked very hard to upgrade a site with lots of modules to Drupal 7 and this was a tough ride.
The ride is not over yet, and I am very much into ideas how to make this ride less bumpier.

1) First you have to bring your D6 side to the latest releases of modules and follow this guide: And this is a nice guide with images:

And this is a handy sheet:

2) Second and very important:
- Bring back language to the default language
- Empty sites/all/modules
- Empty modules/[profiles]
- Disable Upload module
- Set default theme to Garland and copy sites/modules/block/block.tpl.php to Garland theme folder

Now the site is ready to Upgrade Core to D7. As in the Guide in 1)  is stated

3) Now it is time to bring CCK fields to D7. See for the upgrade guide:
It is very important to add patch
Without this patch the D7 Fields are not filled.

Next to this I had to use this SQL query to be able to use Taxonomy Fields to the fullest:
With this I could add Term reference fields to my contenttype in Drupal 7 which shows the attached terms again.

4) Now it is time to bring Views aboard.
4a) There is not a automated guide to get views upgraded to Drupal 7. First you need to install every available module which you use in views otherwise the Views Handlers will not be available.
4b)  I needed to install views_php to get custom fields aboard.
4b) There is also a problem with the "body" and the "taxonomy/term all terms" field. These fields are changed from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. I had to manually alter those fields on every view and display. I couldn't see another way.
After exporting the view from D6 and importing the view in D7 and changing the Handlers, Displays the views have to be checked and saved again.

5) Then Panels need to be migrated. These are already there during upgrade if you had them.
You still need to go through every panel-page and resave them. This is due to a difficulty with panels: Watch out for views or any other errors within the panel-panes.

6) Metatag. This is still a process not completed. See issue: Also to get then Metatag tokens like I use url-argument tokens is not yet complete.

7) Weblinks. I make a lot of use of weblinks. Finally thanks to the great help of Gerhard Stegemann: Weblinks can be used in D7!

8) Not yet there...will fill in when I find something important. 
I am trying this module to bring content in D7, but until now unsuccesfull


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